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This is a creative and energetic class based on the principles of Vinyasa Flow.Vinyasa Flow Yoga links the postures practiced in a regular Yoga class into a sequence of movements that "flow" with the breath in a more vigorous series. Flow Yoga involves moving from one posture to another with very little rest in between. This will naturally build heat and work to strengthen the body and release tension.

Stretch & Tone Yoga (Custom)This class combines core work, vigorous flows and long holds, emphasizing the connection of breath to movement. Challenge your body and your mind as you build strength, flexibility, focus and endurance!

Breathe. Sweat. Release

Suitable for students with some previous yoga experience. Beginners welcome, but strongly encouraged to go at their own pace.

Benefits of Stretch and Tone Yoga:
• Tones and stretches the entire body
• Promotes weight loss
• Builds Strength and increases endurance
• Energizes the body
• Increases flexibility and muscle tone
• Brings focus to the mind
• Encourages sense of peace
• Reduces stress
• Increases balance and stability