Hot Yoga Flow - Barefoot Yoga Studio

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A flowing dynamic style class incorporating the key standing, twisting, core and strength building postures. The room is heated above 30 degrees which helps improve flexibility, weight loss, strength, conditioning and balance. It is a powerfully strengthening and detoxifying practice catering to all levels.

Hot Yoga Etiquette

Please come on an empty stomach (don’t eat 2/3 hours before class) and well hydrated (drink at least one litre of water before and after class).
Wear light clothes; anything heavy or baggy will be uncomfortable. Shorts and a t-shirt would be suitable.

Bring your own mat, some water and a large towel as you will sweat a lot!
It is important to stay till the end of class. Even if you feel like leaving, sit down and drink some water, you will feel better in a matter of minutes. Try to do one set of each posture. After a few classes you won’t feel like leaving!
Just do as much as you can in class, gradually building it up over time.
Relax and ENJOY yourself, we’re all working together!!


With regular practice, discipline and honest effort you will:

  • Reshape your body, lose weight (you can lose between 400-600Kcal per class), tone your muscles and gain a more sculpted and toned physique
  • Increase your flexibility and suppleness
  • Strengthen your spine & relieve back pains
  • Release stress, flush toxins out, improve your skin and reduce cellulite
  • Improve and control your breathing, focus and concentration
  • Balance your metabolism and stimulate your auto-immune system
  • Test your determination, focus, patience and balance
  • Boost your energy levels and stamina
  • Reduce the risks of sport injuries and enhance your athletic performance
  • Discover yourself and improve your quality of life.


Improve your performance in sport

Hot Yoga provides a great full-body workout in itself, but many of our students use it to support other sports due to the improved flexibility, strength, concentration and breathing capacity it promotes. In fact many professional athletes and teams use this style of yoga as part of their training regime, with significant results.

Not recommended for pregnancy or for high blood pressure.

Please bring your own mart, towel, water.